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Pattern Help

Help for Digital Downloads

How do I download my digital pattern?

After checkout, your order summary page will include download links so you can immediately download your pdfs. You’ll also be sent an email receipt containing your download link.

We recommend saving your pdf files to a cloud drive such as Dropbox or Google Drive to prevent file loss.

My pattern won’t download (iOS devices).

First, make sure you haven’t used up your allotted downloads. If not, visit this page to help you download your patterns to your iPad or iPhone.

My pattern won’t download (computers).

Try the following:

  • Clear the cache in your browser and restart it. Sometimes browsers get stuck trying to do multiple things at once and a simple “clear cache and restart” fixes it.
  • Try a different browser. If using Chrome, try Firefox or Safari instead.
  • Double-check your downloads folder for the file. Your browser may not have notified you of the download.
I lost my download link! I lost my pattern!

Please see the section on “Lost Digital Files” below.

Lost Digital Files

Help! I lost my pattern or download link.

You can retrieve your download link from your account in our shop. Don’t have an account? Create one here, and use the email address  you used when originally placing your order.

From your account you will be able to view all orders and downloads associated with  your email address.

Please note that download links expire after the allotted number of downloads have been used up.

our policy for lost patterns and files:
  • While we provide you with a method of retrieving previous purchases, it is your responsibility to download and store your patterns promptly after your purchase.
  • You are provided with the opportunity to download your patterns up to 4 times so be sure to save and backup your files. We cannot provide additional download links for lost or deleted files after these 4 downloads have been used up.
  • Things happen. Computers and devices crash. Take the same precautions as you would with any other important files and keep a backup. Dropbox is a perfect (and free) way to store a copy of your files off of your computer’s hard drive or your mobile device.

Pattern Printing Help

Do you offer international versions for A4 printer paper?

No. My pdfs are formatted in such a way that they will fit on both A4 and US Letter paper, and patterns are test printed on both.

When printing your pattern pieces, it is important to set the print scale to 100%, NOT “Actual Size”. This will override any default paper size settings.

If you are still having trouble, please use the free Adobe Reader and not Mac Preview or a browser pdf reader. Adobe has a much better print dialog.

My pattern isn’t printing properly.

Please make sure you are using Adobe Reader, which I recommend for all pattern printing. When printing your pdf or test square, it is very important that you set your print scale to 100% in the print dialog. After doing this the pattern will print correctly on both A4 and US Letter paper.

If you printer skips or prints out multiple blank pages, this may be an issue with your printer. Please check your printer troubleshooting utility.

See also How to Use Digital Sewing Patterns.

Returns and Refund Policy

All Cloth Habit patterns are digital products only. Due to the instant and unreturnable nature of digital products, all sales are final and patterns cannot be exchanged for other patterns/sizes, returned or refunded.

Pattern Use & Errata

I think I noticed an error in your pattern.

Please check the Pattern Errata to see if the error was fixed in the most recent edition. If not, get in touch and I will look over it!

May I use your pattern in a sewing class or workshop?

We license patterns for in-person workshop use, but due to the nature of digital products we have a special policy for this. Please read  through the workshop policy before planning your  workshop, and then get in touch.

May we sell your patterns in our shop?

At this time, Cloth Habit digital patterns are not available for resale and are only distributed through our shop.

Do your patterns include seam allowances?

Yes, all patterns include seam allowances. These will be clearly noted at the top of the instructions. The allowances vary for the type of seam or elastic application. In the Harriet pattern, the seam lines (the actual stitching lines) are printed on the pattern pieces in order to facilitate easier adjustments.

May I sell garments made from your patterns?

No. By purchasing and downloading a Cloth Habit pattern, you agree to the terms of use. In a nutshell: my sewing patterns (including free downloads) are for personal non-commercial use only, and I do not license them for commercial use.