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Pattern FAQ

Got a question about one of my patterns? You may find your answer below.

For help in printing or assembling Cloth Habit Patterns, see How to Use Digital Sewing Patterns.

Special note for smartphones and tablets

All Cloth Habit patterns are delivered as zip files, which contain several pdfs within.

If you are purchasing your pattern with a smartphone or tablet, you will need to install an app that recognizes and unzips a zip file. (Winzip is the most popular.)

Without this utility, if you attempt to click on the link you will receive an error or nothing will happen at all. You will also use up download attempts when trying to click the link.

Unfortunately I can’t support troubleshooting with these apps. If you are unfamiliar with their use, please download your pattern using a regular computer, unzip the file and save your pdfs to a cloud drive which you can access later on your device.

Harriet Bra Pattern | Cloth Habit

Digital Downloads

How do I download my digital pattern?

Once you have paid for your pattern you’ll be taken immediately to a product download page. You’ll also be sent an email containing your download link. Save the zip or pdf file to your computer files. I recommend saving your pattern to a cloud drive to prevent any file loss.

How do I open a zip file?

It’s really easy! Just double click on the file and a folder with your pattern pdfs will open next to it. For smartphones or tablets, see the section below.

Please note that some browsers will automatically open a zip file as they are downloading, so you will end up receiving a folder with your pdfs.

I lost my download link. Help!

After you place an order, you will be sent an email containing your unique download link. You may want to search your emails to see if it is still there.

You can also access your downloads if you create an account with the original email you used when purchasing your order. To do this, go to the shop and click “Create an account” at the top of the page.

I didn’t receive an order email with my link.

Please check your spam folders first, and be sure to approve any order emails from Cloth Habit and add the email address to your list of approved senders. (If you use email from hotmail.com or live.com, this is really important! Both have aggressive spam filtering.)

If you still can’t find your order email get in touch!

I can’t download your free Ladyshorts pattern. Help!
  • Please make sure you are using a computer or device enabled with a zip-handling app. (See the top of the page.)
  • If using a computer, clear your cache in your browser and restart it. Sometimes browsers get stuck trying to do multiple things at once and a simple “clear cache and restart” fixes it.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Double-check your downloads folder for the file. Your browser may not have notified you of the download.

If none of these work, send me an email!

Pattern Printing

Do you offer international versions for A4 printer paper?

No. My pdfs are formatted in such a way that they will fit on both A4 and US Letter paper, and patterns are test printed on both.

When printing your pattern pieces, it is important to set the print scale to 100%, NOT “Actual Size”. This will override any default paper size settings.

If you are still having trouble, please use the free Adobe Reader and not Mac Preview or a browser pdf reader. Adobe has a much better print dialog.

My pattern isn’t printing properly.

Please make sure you are using Adobe Reader, which I recommend for all pattern printing. When printing your pdf or test square, it is very important that you set your print scale to 100% in the print dialog. After doing this the pattern will print correctly on both A4 and US Letter paper.

If you printer skips or prints out multiple blank pages, this may be an issue with your printer. Please check your printer troubleshooting utility.

See also How to Use Digital Sewing Patterns.

Returns and Refund Policy

What is your return or exchange policy?

All of my patterns are digital products only (not printed). Due to the instant and unreturnable nature of digital products, all sales are final and patterns cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.

If you are having trouble downloading your pattern or did not receive a download link, please get in touch as soon as possible and I will look into your order.

Pattern Use & Errata

I think I noticed an error in your pattern.

Please check the Pattern Errata to see if the error was fixed in the most recent edition. If not, get in touch and I will look over it!

May I use your pattern in a workshop?

I offer my patterns to workshops for a special rate. Please review my workshop policy first, and then get in touch!

May we sell your patterns in our shop?

Unfortunately, I don’t offer Cloth Habit digital patterns for resale and only distribute patterns through my own shop.

Do your patterns include seam allowances?

Yes, all patterns include seam allowances. These will be clearly noted at the top of the instructions. The allowances vary for the type of seam or elastic application. In the Harriet pattern, the seam lines (the actual stitching lines) are printed on the pattern pieces in order to facilitate easier adjustments.

May I sell garments made from your patterns?

No. By purchasing and downloading one of my patterns, you agree to respect the terms and conditions of their use.

All of my sewing patterns are for personal use only, and no part may be reproduced, transmitted, or shared in any form. This also applies to any free digital patterns. All names, logos, illustration, graphics, text and other aspects of Cloth Habit patterns are © Amy Chapman and Cloth Habit, LLC.

Aside from legal matters, there are ethical and professional reasons for not using a home sewing pattern to sell clothes. If you are starting a clothing business and need patterns but lack pattern skills, the standard industry practice is to hire a patternmaker. Typical industry rates for pattern drafting and grading are affordable and a worthy professional investment even for a cottage business.

However, if you buy a home sewing pattern and use it for your business, the patternmaker does not receive a fair and ethical (and industry standard) wage for his or her patternmaking work. In other words, I do not receive anywhere close to a fair wage–let alone the standard industry wage–for my services, if you buy and use one of my patterns for your clothing line. Please consider me in this matter and thank you for doing so!