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Where to Shop: Bra & Lingerie Making

Hello fellow bra and lingerie makers! The following page lists shops around the world that cater bra and lingerie making supplies.

I only include those that offer some form of online shopping, and almost all of them offer international shipping.

Bra-making is a niche craft in sewing and these speciality materials are not common in mainstream fabric stores, so I recommend purchasing online. It’s a great way to buy good bra supplies, so don’t be limited to what you can find in your home country/city/state.

Etsy is also a great place to start looking; many international sellers offer wonderful bra-making materials.

Where to Find Bra Kits

If you are brand new to bra making, kits can be a great way to get started!

Before buying a kit, make sure the kit is suitable for the style of bra you want to make. Some kits are created for specific patterns (either by that shop owner or someone else). So a kit made entirely of stretch lace may not suit a pattern that needs supportive non-stretch fabrics, and vice versa.

Shops in North America

Bra-makers Supply (Ontario, Canada)
Pre-packaged bra kits, patterns, bra and swim fabrics, lots of notions. Also publish The Bra-makers Manuals Vol I and II.

Sew Sassy (Alabama, U.S.)
Bra and swimwear notions, fabrics, elastic. Elan bra patterns. (And a nice variety of narrow stretch lace trims, which are great for the Rosy Ladyshorts!)

Arte Crafts
Nicely curated selection of quality bra making supplies. Also on Etsy.

Looking for bra making supplies? Here's a big list of online shopping resources for bra making and lingerie sewing notions and fabrics.

Fabric Depot Co. (Texas, U.S.)
Bra & swim fabrics, elastics, notions and pre-packaged bra kits.
This has become my go-to for all bra-making basics. The inventory here is very nice quality. FD is the main distributor of Elan bra patterns and also sells kits including all fabrics and notions specific to each pattern.

Corsetmaking Supplies (Philadelphia, U.S.)
Corset-making shop with small selection of basic bra-making notions and fabrics. Carries both Elan and Kwik Sew bra patterns.

Mary Not Martha
beautiful stretch laces

Bravo Bella
Bravo Bella patterns for larger bust sizes, along with select bra kits and materials.

Needle Nook Fabrics
Also sells Bravo Bella patterns and materials specific to those patterns.

Porcelynne (California, U.S.)
Basic bra notions, books. Also has an Etsy shop. Author of Bare Essentials: Bras, and the printed version includes a basic bra pattern in the back.

Bra Essentials (NY)
Underwires, rings/sliders, foam cups and some notions for repairing bras

UK & Europe

In Continental Europe

Merckwaerdigh (Netherlands)
Pre-packaged bra kits, patterns, bra and swim fabrics, notions. Note: the cup fabrics in her kits (laces and lycra) are almost always stretch fabrics. Also has an Etsy shop.

Make Bra (Finland)
Bra patterns and notions specific to these patterns. Make Bra’s patterns are designed around foam cup linings.

Sewy (Germany)
Bra patterns, fabrics, notions. Lots of great supplies here but site is in German only.

Kantje Boord (Netherlands)
Amsterdam shop selling many bra-making materials, kits, courses, and patterns.

B.Wear (Sweden)
Web shop and official distributor of Bra-makers Supply products in Europe.

in the UK

Sewing Chest (UK)
Kwik Sew bra patterns, notions, bra fabrics and laces. My favorite source for underwires (great selection)!

English Couture Company (UK)
Bra patterns, notions, fabrics. Elan bra patterns, some bra and knicker kits to make complete sets, and small selection of notions. Also offers lingerie-making courses.

Vena Cava Design (UK)
Carries a few basic bra-making notions (also caters to corsetmaking) and both Elan and Kwik Sew patterns.

Sew Curvy
Mostly dedicated to corset-making but carries small selection of quality bra supplies.

Australia & New Zealand

In Australia

Booby Traps
Large selection of pre-packaged bra kits, fabrics, elastics and other bra notions.

In New Zealand

Elle-Joan’s Lingerie Findings
small selection of lingerie findings and fabrics


Shopping on Etsy

For further shop recommendations, visit my curated Etsy list

Search tip: when looking for a non-stretch galloon lace suitable for bras, search for “embroidered lace tulle”.


  • NY Fashion Center Fabric: spandex/lycra and stretch mesh fabrics in myriads of colors. I recommend the milliskin for bra bands and swimsuits.
  • Spandex World (NYC) has similar choices as above. Lots of printed stretch meshes.
  • Spandex House (NYC): same fabrics as above. Also offers a few spacer foams for bras and tricot linings in several colors.

These shops are all in the NYC garment district.

Where to Buy Laces

Tailor Made Shop
Lovely collection of high quality bra making supplies (including hard to find rose gold rings and sliders. Also includes kits appropriate for our Watson pattern.

Rain Crazy
Etsy shop selling a nice variety of embroidered tulle lace (non-stretch lace good for supportive bra cups)

Lace Beauty
Etsy shop with big selection of galloon laces, both stretch and rigid

Fabric Bistro
Etsy shop with lace & lace trims, lingerie elastic


Flora’s Garden
Nicely curated collection of laces, elastics and some cool charms for bra bling

Kathy’s Lace & Elastic (U.S.)
Ebay shop with big variety of lingerie elastics

Creative Effex
Ebay shop with lingerie hardware and elastics.

nice assortment of lightweight stretch lace trims.

Where to Find Bra Cup Foam

Molded foam cups (ready-made cups with no seams) can be found at several of the above suppliers. For a cut-and-sewn cup, look for sheet foam by the yard. Foams suitable for bra-making are sold as laminate foam, polylaminate foam or spacer foam.

Links go to the page with sheet foam products:

Advertising and disclaimer: There are no affiliate links on this page. This means I am not making money from listing these shops nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I strive to keep this updated so if you have a shop you’d like me to consider, send me an email!

Last updated September 2017.