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How to Print Cloth Habit Patterns

Cloth Habit patterns are digital downloads, which means you can instantly download and print at your convenience! Follow the instructions below for the best results in printing.

If you are having trouble downloading your pattern, visit the Pattern FAQ page.

Open Your Pattern

Each pattern includes several pdfs. (Be sure to download all of them!)

  • A booklet with step-by-step instructions.
  • The sewing pattern pdfs.
  • “Read Me” pdf (included with some patterns).

How to Work With Digital Sewing Patterns | Cloth Habit

Print Your Pattern

Note: If you are printing a bra pattern, don’t forget to check the size guide in your pattern. This will give you specific pages to print for your desired size. (It’ll save you paper!)

  1. Open your pattern in a pdf reader. For best printing results, please use Adobe Reader on a computer, rather than a mobile device.
  2. Click to print and set your printing scale to 100% in the print dialog. (Very important! Some print dialogs also give you the option for “Actual Size”, which doesn’t always print at the correct scale.)
  3. Print the first page of your pattern. This is a test square. Measure the square to ensure you are printing at the correct size.
  4. Once you have determined you are printing at the correct scale, go ahead and print the rest of your pattern.

How to Work With Digital Sewing Patterns | Cloth Habit

Tape Pieces Together and Cut

Some bra patterns and sizes do not require any taping. In these cases, your pattern pieces will fit entirely on one page and you can cut them without having to piece anything together. For those patterns that require taping:

  1. Cut away the borders at the black lines.
  2. Line up the pieces together at the numbered diamonds and tape together.
  3. Cut your pattern pieces.

Enjoy sewing your Cloth Habit pattern!

How to Work With Digital Sewing Patterns | Cloth Habit


Are you having trouble opening your files? Please check that you are opening your patterns in a pdf reader. You can’t open them in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or any file editing software/app.

Adobe Reader is the best option for printing pdf sewing patterns. It’s free to download.