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Workshop Policy

If you would like to use a Cloth Habit pattern for a live workshop, please read through the following policy.


  • Each student and workshop instructor must purchase their own individual pattern. This allows them to have the full product with a secure and unique customer download link which they can use for future reference in case of pattern loss.
  • Because Cloth Habit patterns are digital patterns with copyrighted files, they should not be distributed to your students outside our secure download service. Distribution includes emailing the files, sharing through the cloud (Google Drive, etc.) or any other digital means.
  • You may pre-print the files for your students, but the students must receive the digital version through the method below (“How It Works”).
  • If you are doing a workshop with the Rosy Ladyshorts (a free pattern), you may pre-print the pattern for students but do not sell or distribute through any digital means. Students may easily download it on their own.

Please give us two weeks in advance of your workshops so we have time to invoice you and deliver the patterns to your students.

How It Works

Most workshops include the cost of the patterns in the workshop. Others charge the students a separate fee. In either case:

  • Contact us with the number of registered students, along with their email addresses.
  • You will be sent an invoice for the required number of patterns.
  • After payment, I will deliver the patterns to your students–each will receive a unique download link they may use at any time.

Note on Online Classes

The above policy only applies to live workshops and classes. Online classes are a different creature than a live class in that they are publishing and distributing digital content for profit, and would require a license to use my patterns as part of the material. At this time I don’t offer licenses or allow permission for use of my patterns in for-profit video.

If you have any questions at all about this policy, please don’t hesitate to ask.