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Maker Style podcast

Harriet Bra Talk: Maker Style Interview & Workshops

Bra making has certainly come a long way since I first started my own bra adventures. Where I once had to dig to find good information on construction and materials, resources are plenty. Even better, the oft-heard phrase “bra making seems SO scary” has been officially kicked out of our collective sewing language. (Yes? It …

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Join Me at Camp!

One of my favorite winter activities as a teenager was annual winter camp with my church youth group. I grew up in Michigan where winter is all about snow, snow, snow. Tubing, skiing, ice skating, sledding, freezing. And since this was the 80s, who could forget massive puffy jackets and moon boots? They were the …

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n easy seam tape for bras | Cloth Habit

Video: An Easy Seam Tape for Bras

There are many ways to finish bra cup seams and I love experimenting with different techniques. Most of the time I line bra cups with a sheer lining because I love the way lining feels and it's an easy, neat way to hide cup seams. You can even line the insides of foam cups if the seams are bothering you.

But what if you don't want a lining? Enter seam tape!

This is my favorite way to cover and neaten foam cup seams, and it's also a common treatment for ready to wear bras that don't have a lining, both foam and non-foam. I've had a lot of questions about how I make seam tape for my foam bras (like this one) so today I'm going to show you! This weekend I was working on a new bra and I shot a spontaneous video to show you exactly where this mystery tape comes from, and how I use it.

Hilarious video note: before anyone shouts at me, I realized after I finished I was pronouncing "tricot" wrong. It's one of those words I often write but rarely say out loud. I've heard some (American) sewists pronounce it "TREE-coh" and others "tree-COH" but never "tree-COOO".

(Email subscribers need to click through to the post to view the video!)

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exploring the differences between various styles of bras | Cloth Habit

Is That Bra a Demi, Balconette, or Full Cup?

  (Journelle, Fleur Du Mal, Araks, La Perla – see the Polyvore set) When I first started making my own bras, I was dead set on having a “demi bra”. Mind you, I had no idea what that really meant but the bra in my imagination was something other than the patterns I had tried. I’ve …

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Edgestitching bra seams | Cloth Habit

The Magic of Edgestitching

Do you press seams when making a bra? I’ve been asked this question a few times. You may be surprised to know that iron pressing isn’t necessary in making bras. The only time I have pressed during the making of a bra is when I have made my own underwire channeling. That’s it! But wait, …

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Hand-dyed fuschia sheer lace bra with 3-piece cup | Cloth Habit

Be My Valentine Lingerie

On our first date, Derek took me to see Amelie in Prague, in one of those old European theaters whose screens still have curtains that close during a halfway intermission. We were the only two people in that tiny theater, and the experience was made especially mysterious by the fact that we were seeing a …

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Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve | Cloth Habit

Guest Post: Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve

I love making up sewing tools. There are times a tweezer works better than a bone folder, and a rubber hammer works better than an iron. I have a pencil that works great for spaghetti straps and probably do “wet finger” pressing on silk more times than I care to admit. It’s really fun and …

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attaching bra straps and hook & eye | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along: Attaching Bra Straps & Closures

It’s our last day of the sew along! I hope you have enjoyed making your own lingerie as much as I do! Along the way I’ve covered many lingerie sewing techniques, materials and some of the “whys” behind them. I hope these give you confidence in sewing your next lingerie projects! Today we are going …

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inserting cups in the Watson Bra | Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #9: Inserting Bra Cups and Elastic

Happy February everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We’re getting close to finishing the bra! Today we’ll be sewing in the cups and attaching elastic. I took a few extra photos to help with some of the tricky parts, and will be back tomorrow with all the finishing touches. Insert the Right Cup …

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Sewing Lingerie Elastic | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #4: Sewing Lingerie Elastic

We’re almost ready to cut! Before we get to cutting or sewing, I thought it would be useful to review the basics in sewing lingerie elastic. It’s very simple but you’ll be doing it over and over again. If you are brand new to sewing elastic, you don’t need any special equipment, just your regular …

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