Harriet Bra Talk: Maker Style Interview & Workshops

Maker Style podcast bra making month - I'm guest in this week's episode!

Bra making has certainly come a long way since I first started my own bra adventures. Where I once had to dig to find good information on construction and materials, resources are plenty. Even better, the oft-heard phrase “bra making seems SO scary” has been officially kicked out of our collective sewing language. (Yes? It better be!)

I’ve already seen some gorgeous Harriets, thanks to Instagram and a few women who love to email me photos. Not only is bra making NOT scary, some of these women made a bra in less than two hours after I put it up for sale. That’s some sewing zeal.

Today I have a few groovy happenings to share with you, all bra-related of course…

Maker Style

Today I’m the guest on Maker Style. For the last month the lovely Rachel Felix interviewed a variety of wonderful lingerie makers for her podcast so if you need a lingerie fix, there are lots of great episodes!

Rachel and I talk about all things Harriet, my passion for teaching, how to be a beginner, and why I don’t love pre-measuring elastic. (I really don’t love it, but she managed to pull out a calculation if you want to. Annd she’s also offering a special shop discount for listeners–wink wink.


Would you like to learn how to make a Harriet bra in person?

*Craft South in Nashville is hosting me for their first-ever bra making workshop! Tickets and details are here. Nashville is like Austin’s big sister so I’m sure I will feel right at home with y’all!

*Camp Workroom is back! And I’m returning to teach the bra making intensive this fall.

I have to fish around for the right words for the Camp Workroom experience. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I can say I’ve never exactly experienced anything like it, but Jennifer Weise and the Workroom Social gang have put together a really wonderful event. It’s a heady two days of non-stop sewing, chatter, knitting late into the night, catching up with new/old friends. Intensive sewing without any life distractions is my favorite way of sewing, and that happens, oh, once in a blue moon?

Details of the bra making workshop are here and if you are curious about the vibe of camp, check out this year’s video. (You can catch a glimpse of me overheating a bit because it was an oddly hot 75 degrees in upstate New York last fall!)

As we say in the south, y’all come back now. I’m working on a post to go up later week answering some frequent questions about Harriet.

[Top image used with permission: Maker Style]


  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve never been to Nashville – very excited to come meet you, make a bra, and check out the city. See you in September!

  2. Sarah says:

    I think you may know this, but your shop appears to be down and has been for a few days. Hope you can get it running soon so I can buy some of your lovely patterns!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sarah, whoops, you must have caught my little window while I was moving web hosts. 🙂 Have you checked again? As far as I know, it was only down for 12 hours and has been operating the rest of the time. Sometimes your browser caches the “unable to connect” page, so you may need to empty your browser cache to access it as it is now. (This happens to me when I visit websites that were down.)

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