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Valentine lingerie set | Cloth Habit

On our first date, Derek took me to see Amelie in Prague, in one of those old European theaters whose screens still have curtains that close during a halfway intermission. We were the only two people in that tiny theater, and the experience was made especially mysterious by the fact that we were seeing a movie in French with Czech subtitles. I didn’t understand most of what was being said, but who needs language in a magical movie like Amelie?

Afterward we wandered around the empty city—it was October, and fairly tourist-free—in search of a shop that would sell us a hot chocolate to warm our hands, and ended our evening around four in the morning on Charles Bridge, with only the sound of a flock of birds flying overhead.

The whole night I felt like I was in a movie of my very own. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. Just like the main character, I’m a diehard romantic and it couldn’t have been a more poetic evening.

I’m thankful I married another diehard dreamer so I wanted to make a set for Valentine’s day. Of course, this is all a roundabout way of talking about sewing!

Valentine lingerie set | Cloth Habit

We haven’t been out on a Valentine’s Day in a few years. To be honest, I usually forget! Still, as life gets busier and as our marriage gets older, it’s good to have reminders to stop what we’re doing and just be together, the two of us. It’s not always about going out. Sometimes it’s just staying in, making a fire, talking and watching a film.

Even though that was the gist of our “date” this year, I still wanted to finish this just in time for Valentine’s night. It felt like a dreamer thing to do. Make a lingerie set for nothing other than staying in on a cozy winter night…

When I was drafting my strapless bra, the cup pattern fit so well that I started drafting a few other bra cups off of it. I ended up with a little stack of cup patterns that I’ve been slowing sewing up and this is one of those. I wanted something that would show off lace but at the same time feel feel comfortable and supportive and this design was the perfect candidate.

Valentine bra | Cloth Habit

Ignore my dress form, which does not fill out my bras!

I knew that the basic block/shape was going to fit based on a few measurements but I quickly taped up a paper cup so I could see if I had the strap point in a good position. This is actually neat little trick I’ve been doing for my bras. And I’m very happy with the fit! I love designs that have higher strap extensions. They make me feel much more “contained”, if that makes sense. (Here’s another example of a pattern with a higher strap point.)

The lace shorties are another pattern I am working on. I’ve made these several times but this is my first time posting about them. They’re a great excuse to use the same lace I’m using in a bra.

Valentine lingerie set | Cloth Habit

For the bra I threw in a few luxury treats, like silk ribbon, hardware detailing, and silk channeling.


Valentine bra | Cloth Habit

(And by the way, some of you asked about this… I am working on a tutorial for making your own silk channeling.)

And there you go… love and sewing!

Lace: somewhere off of Ebay…
Cup lining: Bra-makers Supply
Elastic and stretch mesh (lining the band): Fabric Depot Co.
Except the lace, all materials were dyed with Washfast acid dyes.


  1. Sophie-Lee says:

    Silk channeling, fancy! I really should have another go at making a wired bra – but my first one ended up being so uncomfortable (I think I sewed the two cup pieces the wrong way around….) that I haven’t felt like making the effort.

    Also, your first date does sound particularly romantic! My first date with my husband involved meeting at the public gardens, climbing trees and playing cards before going to my parents house for dinner.

  2. sallie says:

    This is absolutely lovely – both the set, and the story of your first date! What a wonderful memory. And I love that you made this set just for Valentine’s Day. I always feel like Valentines Day gets a bad rap – sure it’s a Hallmark holiday, but it’s also a great excuse to go over the top with telling ALL the people in your life that you love them, and to have special little dates with your sweetheart. Maybe I’m a romantic too! Anyway, this is really beautiful. I love the seaming on the cup, it looks like it would be really flattering. This is my favorite kind of bra – soft cup lace with good supportive seaming and underwire.

  3. I’m absolutely a romantic, so it was a joy to read about both your story and the pleasure you obviously felt from just making lingerie for the sake of a cosy night in. Thanks for sharing! KS x

    • Amy says:

      Hi Cassandra, I can’t remember where I bought this but I have a few Ebay sellers listed on my lingerie supplies page. I find Ebay to be a bit hit or miss, so often I just use a general search to see what comes up.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Kiersten, it’s a bit difficult to describe in words. If you look at the photo closely it might explain itself–I used 3 rings, overlapped them, and threaded the strap elastic in and out through the rings. Hope that helps!

  4. Karen Taylor says:

    How pretty!! Love the colour, too. I’ve been playing with dyes a bit lately. What colour did you use? I’ve tried tiger this colour (raspberry) but mine came out pink or red 🙁

    • Amy says:

      Hi Karen, I used Dharma acid dye in “Flourescent Fucshia”. On its own this comes out a very bright fucshia color but I wanted a color with a bit more warmth so I added a little bit of yellow dye to the mix. (Specifically I used Washfast acid dye “Sun Yellow” which I use when mixing with other Washfast dyes but I know that it mixes well with this particular fuchsia dye. Mixing colors is always an experiment!)

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