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exploring the differences between various styles of bras | Cloth Habit

Is That Bra a Demi, Balconette, or Full Cup?

  (Journelle, Fleur Du Mal, Araks, La Perla – see the Polyvore set) When I first started making my own bras, I was dead set on having a “demi bra”. Mind you, I had no idea what that really meant but the bra in my imagination was something other than the patterns I had tried. I’ve …

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what to look for in sewing machine features for lingerie making | Cloth Habit

Reader Question: Sewing Machines for Lingerie

Hi Amy, I’m interested in sewing lingerie. Do you recommend a sewing machine or are their special features I should look for? Over the past year or so I’ve received many questions about how to choose a sewing machine for lingerie or bra making. Some of you feel your old machine is just not up …

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Edgestitching bra seams | Cloth Habit

The Magic of Edgestitching

Do you press seams when making a bra? I’ve been asked this question a few times. You may be surprised to know that iron pressing isn’t necessary in making bras. The only time I have pressed during the making of a bra is when I have made my own underwire channeling. That’s it! But wait, …

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Hand-dyed fuschia sheer lace bra with 3-piece cup | Cloth Habit

Be My Valentine Lingerie

On our first date, Derek took me to see Amelie in Prague, in one of those old European theaters whose screens still have curtains that close during a halfway intermission. We were the only two people in that tiny theater, and the experience was made especially mysterious by the fact that we were seeing a …

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Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve | Cloth Habit

Guest Post: Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve

I love making up sewing tools. There are times a tweezer works better than a bone folder, and a rubber hammer works better than an iron. I have a pencil that works great for spaghetti straps and probably do “wet finger” pressing on silk more times than I care to admit. It’s really fun and …

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attaching bra straps and hook & eye | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along: Attaching Bra Straps & Closures

It’s our last day of the sew along! I hope you have enjoyed making your own lingerie as much as I do! Along the way I’ve covered many lingerie sewing techniques, materials and some of the “whys” behind them. I hope these give you confidence in sewing your next lingerie projects! Today we are going …

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inserting cups in the Watson Bra | Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #9: Inserting Bra Cups and Elastic

Happy February everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We’re getting close to finishing the bra! Today we’ll be sewing in the cups and attaching elastic. I took a few extra photos to help with some of the tricky parts, and will be back tomorrow with all the finishing touches. Insert the Right Cup …

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sewing the cups | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #8: Sewing the Bra Cups & Frame

At last we get to sewing everyone’s favorite–the bra! I’m going to jump right into it, because this is going to be a picture-heavy post. Today we’re going to make the straps, put together the cups and sew the frame of the bra. I’ve also included some hopefully helpful tips for sewing with slippery tricot. …

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sewing the bikini | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #7: Cutting & Sewing the Bikini

Alrighty, it’s finally time to do some sewing! You may have noticed that I’ve changed up the schedule a bit. I decided to save the dyeing tutorial for a future day. That gives us room to focus on sewing the bra and keeps things a bit simpler for the beginners. Sound good? Today we’re going …

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cutting a scalloped lace cup | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #6: Cutting a Scalloped Lace Cup

Cutting scalloped lace for lingerie is one of my favorite things to do. It involves a little bit of creativity and some lace detective work. It’s a bit like cutting plaids, but thankfully lingerie pieces are tiny! I’ve made the Watson in a few scalloped laces for fun, so today I want to share how …

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