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Book Shelf: Sew Lovely

September 11, 2014 Comments

I’ve got a small shelf devoted to books about lingerie design and sewing. And I mean small, since lingerie sewing is a niche craft and not nearly as well-explored as, say, tailoring jackets, hand quilting or fitting pants. That doesn’t stop me from collecting whatever I can find, if just for the inspiration, funky illustrations […]

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Still Life With Lingerie

June 5, 2014 Comments

I love coming up with unique ways of shooting my lingerie sets, probably as much as the sewing itself! Sometimes I shoot them on a lightbox (basically like shooting on top of one big light), sometimes in a window, or on my favorite throw. At times I still feel like a baby with a big […]

Cloth Habit | Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 3

Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 3

April 14, 2014 Comments

Today I’m going to finish my bra! At this point I have two sets of cups–the foam cups and the outer coverings–and have also assembled my frame and band, including putting in the hem elastic. Most of the remaining steps are the same as your normal bra construction. If you need to fill in some […]

Cloth Habit | Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 2

Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 2

April 11, 2014 Comments

Today I’ll be cutting out my pieces and get started sewing. First, let’s make some some changes to your cup pattern to work with foam. As I mentioned yesterday, these techniques can be used with any bra cups. I’d recommend starting with a pattern that you are familiar with making. It can have any kind […]


Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 1

April 10, 2014 Comments

This summer I have planned a few foam-lined bras for my wardrobe. One of these is going to be strapless style I can wear comfortably underneath my low-backed tops and dresses. Comfort being a key word, because I have never found a strapless that doesn’t make me squeam. I like using foam linings when I […]

Lingerie Friday: The Foam Cup | Cloth Habit

Lingerie Friday: The Foam Cup

April 4, 2014 Comments

For most of my early adult life, my knowledge of bra styles began and ended with seamless t-shirt bras. Truth be told, I didn’t like spending money on bras but living in Europe had an effect on my tastes. Now and then I’d get sucked into a candy-colored lingerie boutique or an old-world department store […]


Lingerie Friday: Where Do You Find Your Fabrics?

March 28, 2014 Comments

Over the last year I’ve gotten many great emails with all sorts of questions about bra and lingerie making. Some readers have asked about techniques, and others about patterns and fitting. I love getting these kinds of emails and if I don’t know the answer, I hunt for it. So I thought it was about […]


Lingerie Friday: Art Deco Lingerie (and Foam!)

August 30, 2013 Comments

Maybe it was all the Gatsby craze in the air. Or the Krypton set designs in Man of Steel. Blink and you’ll miss it, but I think there was an homage to the Spirit of Detroit statue–one of my favorite hometown attractions–in the “history of Krypton” scene. The rest of the movie bored me to […]