Liebster Love

Last week I had the honor of being nominated by three lovely bloggers for the Liebster Award. Thank you Amy (Sew Well), Lavender (Threadsquare) and Christine (Daughter Fish) for bestowing your blog love. Shucks, I feel a little sheepish. Some days I feel as if I’m blogging my own private Idaho, so thank you for reminding me otherwise!

The Liebster is for blogs with followers of 200 or less and I admit I’ve never actually looked at my numbers so I went digging around in my Feedburner account. It didn’t help much with follower numbers, which seems to change from week to week (Feedburner averages how many times blog is viewed per day in readers) but I was totally geeking out looking at all the statistics. Apparently I have nothing on the geekdom that seems to land on this site. Namely Battlestar and Tricia Heifer fans. Over 90% of the hits on this site relate to my Number 6 Dress. I’m sure by linking that in here yet again I’m in danger of attracting even more of these hits, and if you are here because of that, Go Battlestar!

Although these days I’m more of a Fringe fan, and I’m praying they get one more season because this show is just warming up. Instead of Cylons, we get three versions of each character, who cross alternate universes to talk to themselves. Self, meet self. Fun. It’s not much to talk about in the clothes department but I do like The Observers’ hat style.

And now part of the game is to pass the award on to five more bloggers. I think I’ll make it six. I kinda like finding rarefied corners of the interwebs, don’t you?

The Thinks. Well, this might be cheating, but this is a blog by my dearest friend Han Stoney. She’s a lovely illustrator and rabid book reader and I appreciate her observations on art and life.

Pattern Vault. Sarah does elegant research into fashion history and the media behind Vogue Designer patterns. I confess I was the first in line to buy a few from her collection of Alexander McQueen for Givenchy patterns.

Blooms Fabric Obsession. It always helps me to follow stylish Aussie sewists… they teach me how to be funky yet relaxed in a hot climate. And remind me that I need to be living near a beach.

Fool For Fabric. I kinda stalk this blog. I want to be her when I grow up. And in 10 years if I’m not living near a beach, I should be living in Northern California. (Near a beach.)

Sallieoh. All around lovely blog on color and sewing and fashion and food. I think I felt better about my Rachel Comey shoe collection after discovering her!

A Good Wardrobe. Liz is designing, patternmaking and crafting her own wardrobe. And she lives in my favorite city in North America. (Near an ocean… am I sensing a theme here?)


  1. Lizz says:

    Aww! Thanks for the liebster love, Amy. I’m flattered to be in such lovely company. I’m also off to browse some of these new-to-me blogs!

  2. Maddie says:

    Congratulations on the award lady and thanks for sharing your favorite other blogs. I loved Pattern Vault. Thanks for posting and have a great week!

  3. Amy says:

    Woohoo! Three awards at once. And, yes, it’s hard to figure out how many “readers” or “followers” a blog has. I figured I’d quote the exact words of the text and do my best to pass on the award to blogs that I really enjoy that I don’t see on the Sew Weekly and such. Regardless, bravo for being such a fun and inspirational blog. Award worthy, indeed.

  4. Sarah says:

    Congrats, Amy, and thanks so much for the Liebster award! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with those McQueen/Givenchy patterns.
    Maddie, I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog 🙂

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