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Curate Your Old Blog Posts and Sewing Photos

(My first-ever blogged sewing project.)

When I was a child, I loved keeping diaries. Sometimes I’d write poems, or chronicle what I did that day, or wax about my first crush on a boy in Algebra class named Derek. (I ended up marrying a Derek!) I was particularly into composition notebooks because that’s what my hero Harriet the Spy used. Like Harriet I wanted to be a writer when I grew up, and composition books seemed more “writerly" than Hello Kitty diaries with locks on them.

I have a couple of boxes in storage that are full of those diaries from different periods of my life, and every so often during a spring cleaning I go back through some of them. Not only are they a window into my past but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised to find something that has potential to be a real piece of writing.

It struck me recently that I never do this with my blog entries. When was the last time I went back and read through my own archives?

I’ll admit that I often forget to reflect on what I’ve enjoyed or accomplished in the past because let’s face it, blogging (and even more so social media) is all about the now. Instagram is all so… instant.

So today I'm thinking of ways to value what you've previously worked at.

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Jersey Love and Cloth Habit 2.0

My sister and I saw Illegally Blonde in this theater. I am feelin the Jersey shore today. I have so many childhood memories of funnel cakes and salt-water taffy, of tacky jewelry and pinball machines. I’m from Michigan, but nearly every summer, my mother packed us kids up in the green station wagon and we …

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Fresh Starts and Wish Lists

Happy Happy October! I love this month. It cools off, the weather is gorrrgeous, the roses come back out to play. It’s my favorite time of year and alright, I’m not totally unbiased. I’m an October birthday. It’s a few weeks away but I’m already starting on my wish list. Here’s one fantasy… Have you …

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Liebster Love

Last week I had the honor of being nominated by three lovely bloggers for the Liebster Award. Thank you Amy (Sew Well), Lavender (Threadsquare) and Christine (Daughter Fish) for bestowing your blog love. Shucks, I feel a little sheepish. Some days I feel as if I’m blogging my own private Idaho, so thank you for …

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Looking Better around Here, Methinks

I am one of those bloggers who cannot stop at just one theme or template. Nooo. I have to keep trying new ones, tweaking old ones. This blog was actually my first experiment in wordpress.com but I found it limiting and have since installed WordPress on my own host. I started out using the Duster …

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