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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with downloading or printing a pattern, please visit our separate pattern help page.

Tools & Materials

Can you recommend a machine for sewing lingerie?

I wrote a post to answer this very question!

But my short answer is: You don’t need a special machine to make lingerie! A simple home machine that has zig-zag stitches will do.

Where do you buy your lingerie materials?

I’m a big fan of Etsy. There are now many Etsy shops catering to lingerie and bra-making; I can hardly keep up!

For suggestions on where to shop for lingerie supplies, visit my Lingerie Resources page.

I live in the sticks and can’t find any bra fabrics here. Can you help?

Bra supplies are specialty materials. The elastics, linings and better bra fabrics are not usually materials you can find in a local fabric shop (unless you live in New York or other manufacturing city!). Look online for  specialty shops catering to swim or lingerie materials.

Where can I buy the fabric you used in a bra?

I always include details of where I buy materials at the bottom of every project post. If the details are not in there, I can’t remember where I bought it OR the shop has sold out.

Professional Services

Cloth Habit is not a patternmaking or design service, so unfortunately I can’t respond to requests for business assistance (or where to find it).

I want to start a line of lingerie. Can you help?

I only work on my own designs, and so unfortunately I can’t offer consultations, patternmaking services or advice for your pattern or business.

Can you make a custom bra for me or my friend?

No, I don’t offer custom bra services or commissions. My business is focused on creating patterns and teaching others how to make their own lingerie.

Do you offer private lessons or local classes?

I teach bra making in stores and sewing studios that regularly host sewing instructors, but do not host my own workshops or private lessons. Please see my classes page for upcoming workshops.

Patternmaking & Bra Making Questions

Can you recommend a patternmaking book?

For women’s clothing, these are a few of my favorites:

Where can I learn how to draft a bra (or other lingerie)?

I am working on a list of bra-specific drafting resources, but in the meantime you can read my review of bra sewing books. Some of these books have drafting in them.

Where did you learn patternmaking?

I’ve been learning and practicing patternmaking since the early 2000s. I took a couple of courses but have learned a lot from books and experimenting on my own. I love trying different methods and even inventing my own. For bra patternmaking, for example, I developed my own methods. It is a skill and craft I enjoy refining!

How do you draft patterns? By hand or digitally?

I wrote a post about this and a followup up post here. The short answer is: I draft patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

I don’t like underwires. Do I have to use them or can you recommend a pattern for me?

We love and recommend our own wireless pattern, The Watson!

That said, any bra pattern can be made without underwires. See this post: Can I Leave Out Underwires?

Marketing & Advertising

Would you write about or review my product?

You are welcome to write me about your product but keep in mind that I only review things which I have purchased at full price with my own money. This allows me to write unbiased opinions. I don’t offer paid reviews or reviews in exchange for a product.

Advertising Policy

At this time, I don’t offer any advertising on this site. I love keeping it ad-free! This includes paid advertisements, paid product reviews, sponsored posts and affiliate links.

Help Me Find a Pattern

I can’t find a bra pattern in my size. Can you help?

The Harriet pattern includes a fairly large size range, from 28A-H up to 42A-H.

If the size you are looking for doesn’t exist in any pattern, you may find a sister size.

I loved a bra on your blog. Can I buy a pattern for it?

Here are the patterns we offer for sale.

If I used a pattern that can be purchased, it will be noted on that page. Otherwise, it was a custom design.

Will you offer a pattern for a plunge/demi/single-dart/strapless (or other design) bra?

I have a few designs I am working on and they will remain top secret until they are released. 🙂

I’m looking for a demi bra pattern. Do they exist?

“Demi” is a really loose designer-y term and means a lot of things to different people. If you are looking to create a bra with a lower neckline, this is an easy alteration to any pattern. My article on Bra Styles demonstrates how different necklines create different looks.