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What is a Bra Making Library?

One of my missions with Cloth Habit is to be a helpful resource for custom bra making, whether it’s through my blog content, patterns or courses. I wanted to create a central collection of articles, tutorials and answers to common bra size and fit questions.

Every month I add new articles and tutorials to the Library. It will include a special section with fitting resources for both new and experienced makers.

Bra Making Basics

can I make bras without underwires?

If I use a pattern for an underwired bra, do I need to use the wires?

Can I Skip Using Underwires?

What’s my bra size?

Are you are brand new to bra fitting? Or is the whole bra size thing just confusing? Start here!

What is my bra size?

Pattern Alterations

Choosing Underwires for the Harriet Bra

How to Adjust Underwire Length on the Harriet

Want to use a different size or length of wire but not sure how to fit it to your pattern? This post shows you how (and the ideas work for most underwire patterns).

Bra Band Length AdjustmentsHow To Adjust Length in a Bra Band

Is your band too tight? Too loose? Want to use a stretchier fabric? How to lengthen or shorten a bra band without having to change sizes.

Harriet Bra strap adjustment tutorial | Cloth Habit

How to Adjust Strap Position on the Harriet

Learn how to move the straps inward for better fitting position.


My Perfect Blush Recipe (for lingerie fabrics)

My Perfect Blush Recipe

If you’ve been around these parts for long, you may notice I have a thing for coral and blush colors. Here’s a recipe for dyeing my favorite blush. Read more

Bra Making Library