Frequently Asked Questions

Would you write about or review my product?

No, unless it’s something I came across out of my own curiosity.

I know this makes me a rare bird among bloggers, but I don’t accept advertisements, sponsored posts or products for review. When I review or write about other products, books or classes, I only review those that I have purchased at full price with my own money. This allows me to write unbiased opinions!

Can you draft patterns or samples for me?

Unfortunately, I am not available for hire for freelance patternmaking, design or sewing services.

If you are a startup fashion company, I recommend networking at a trade show or a fashion business forum. While this is not my field of expertise, and the forums at have been a good place to start for friends that got into the “biz”.

Will you offer a pattern for a plunge/demi/single-dart/strapless (or other design) bra?

I love your enthusiasm! I only make patterns if I am personally excited by a design, and feel like it would fill an educational niche in sewing.

Here’s the thing: There are many stages in bringing a pattern to life. Hours and weeks and sometimes months of work, and for professionals that includes hiring others for technical editing and testing. While I enjoy patternmaking and publishing immensely, designing patterns is only a small part of my mission with Cloth Habit. (In other words, I’m not primarily a pattern company.)

I can’t find a bra pattern in my size. Can you help?

My Harriet pattern includes a fairly large size range, from 28A-H up to 42A-H.

I do get this question a lot and understand how difficult bra sizing can be. Unfortunately, I don’t know all the size ranges that exist in patterns and can’t research them all for you.

Here’s a tip: if the size you are looking for doesn’t exist in any pattern, you may find a sister size.

You may also want to look into custom drafting your own bra from your measurements. It’s very rewarding and you will learn a lot about how you want bras to fit without a pre-drafted size getting in the way. I’m a big fan of custom drafting!

Can I buy the pattern you used for a bra on your blog?

Unless it’s in my shop, I don’t offer it for sale. For many of my personal projects I experiment with a design and custom draft it just for my personal use. Custom drafting and adapting bra patterns is so much fun!

Can you recommend a good book for bra making?

I recommend two for home sewing:

You can read short reviews of bra making books here.

Questions about Tools and Materials

Can you recommend a machine for sewing lingerie?

I wrote a post to answer this very question!

But my short answer is: You don’t need a special machine to make lingerie! A simple home machine that has zig-zag stitches will do.

Where do you buy your materials?

All over the planet! I’m a big fan of Etsy, Ebay and online shopping.

For suggestions on where to shop for lingerie supplies, visit my Lingerie Resources page.

Where can I buy the fabric you used in that bra?

I always include details of where I buy materials at the bottom of every project post. If the details are not in there, I can’t remember where I bought it OR the shop has sold out. I can’t help you find it–sorry!

Please visit my Shopping page for suggestions on where to shop for bra making materials.

I live in the sticks and can’t find any bra fabrics here. Can you help?

You won’t usually find lingerie supplies at your local Joann’s or big box fabric store. I live in a big city and still have to shop online for most supplies.

Lingerie sewing is a unique craft. You may have to search in smaller, niche shops catering to swim or lingerie materials. Sometimes I have to get creative, which is why I dye a lot of fabrics!

Patternmaking Questions

Where did you learn patternmaking?

A lot of books, a few patternmaking courses, but mostly practice, practice and more practice!

Can you recommend a patternmaking book?

I am an avid collector of patternmaking books! For women’s clothing, these are a few of my favorites:

Where can I learn how to draft a bra (or other lingerie)?

Most of what I learned about elastic and negative ease, which are important to all knitwear and lingerie, came from the now defunct Pattern School website. It was an amazing resource! But that doesn’t help you…

Read my reviews on bra making books. It includes a list of resources to learn bra drafting.