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Welcome to the Watson Sew Along!

The Watson is a 70s-inspired soft cup bra and bikini, perfect for either lounging about or dressing up. You can read more about the pattern here, or purchase through the shop.

During this sew along, I walk through each step in making a full set. You’ll learn basic fitting and lingerie-making techniques that you can add to your sewing skills.

Watson Sew Along | Cloth Habit

Sew Along Posts

Watson Bra Pattern | Cloth Habit

Watson Sewalong & Upcoming Tutorials

Thank you all for your kind and enthusiastic response to the Watson! I’m so glad that it fills a space in your lingerie hearts. And… Read more

Materials and notions guide for the Watson Bra & Bikini pattern, plus some shopping (and stashing) tips.

Watson: Guide to Materials and Notions

Today I want to talk a little bit about selecting fabrics for the Watson and I’ll share a few examples from my own projects. I… Read more

Watson Sew Along schedule and post list | Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along Schedule

Happy New Year everyone! I’m a day (or six) late, but I hope your holidays were happy and full of love. Here’s to a wonderful… Read more

tools & supplies | Watson Sewalong

Watson Sew Along #1: Gather Fabric & Supplies

Hello everyone and welcome to the Watson Sew Along! I’m excited to get started, and today we’re going to jump in with a little preparation… Read more

Alterations for cups and bands | Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #2: Bra Fitting Alterations

I love being a student in the finer points of bra-fitting, but once in awhile I need a respite from the underwires and the structure.… Read more

Bikini alterations| Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #3: Bikini Alterations

Today we’re going to give the bikini some love. I know that the bra is the star of this pattern but it’s always fun to… Read more

Sewing Lingerie Elastic | Watson Sew Along

How to Sew Lingerie Elastic

We’re almost ready to cut! Before we get to cutting or sewing, I thought it would be useful to review the basics in sewing lingerie… Read more

cutting out the bra | Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #5: Cutting the Bra

Alrighty, it’s time to get down to cutting! In this post, I’ll be going over the basics in cutting the bra. I also wanted to… Read more

cutting a scalloped lace cup | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #6: Cutting a Scalloped Lace Cup

Cutting scalloped lace for lingerie is one of my favorite things to do. It involves a little bit of creativity and some lace detective work.… Read more

sewing the bikini | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #7: Cutting & Sewing the Bikini

Alrighty, it’s finally time to do some sewing! You may have noticed that I’ve changed up the schedule a bit. I decided to save the… Read more

sewing the cups | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along #8: Sewing the Bra Cups & Frame

At last we get to sewing everyone’s favorite–the bra! I’m going to jump right into it, because this is going to be a picture-heavy post.… Read more

inserting cups in the Watson Bra | Watson Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Watson Sew Along #9: Inserting Bra Cups and Elastic

Happy February everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. We’re getting close to finishing the bra! Today we’ll be sewing in the cups and… Read more

How to Attach Bra Straps and Closures | Watson Sew Along

Watson Sew Along: How to Attach Bra Straps & Closures

B It’s our last day of the sew along! I hope you have enjoyed making your own lingerie as much as I do! Along the… Read more


What happened to the sew along badges?

I had to move them! Hosting images for blogs outside of my site was causing issues. Please visit this page if you’d like to download your own badge.

Is there a forum for the sew along?

I ran a closed Facebook group for the duration of the Sew Along and have since closed it. The comments on the sew along posts will stay open so feel free to ask questions there!