Warming up to Missoni

After awhile, certain patterns become so ubiquitous that I don’t even think about them being in my textiles anymore. Ikat, Celtic spirals, Hudson blanket stripes, what have you. For some reason it’s taken me forever to really warm up to Missoni stripes.

I loved this fall’s Missoni collection, like crazy.

This and an almost diametrically opposed collection by Jaeger were my two favorite fall collections.

Where one is reserved and so obviously autumn the other insanely extravagant and spring-like. I think I loved the Missoni because it lacked anxiety–which seems to be everywhere. (Here’s more of Missoni’s fall collection.)

But I also loved it because it wasn’t so obviously ziggy zaggy. While shopping for some new house things last week, I saw an imitative and economically-sound stripey Missoni blanket that had to come home with me, just to test it out on the couch and see if those ziggy zaggy’s wouldn’t drive me nuts. And of course there’s the Missoni for Target collection that had what seemed like a viral campaign around it for months on end.

While at Britex Fabrics a month ago, they piled their front door table with a fresh-from-the-recent-collection stack (and I mean huge stack) of Missoni knits. They are lovely to touch, soft mohairs and angoras. (They just listed some of these in their online store. Emma One Sock also has a few. Just in case you have an urge to drop $50 a yard. Hey, for some this might be a genuine investment.)

What’s your take on the Missoni stripe? Love or hate or indifferent? And if you got ahold of some of that insanely expensive yardage, what in the yeehaw would you do with it?

[Oh, and if you’re a subscriber here, please excuse the hiccup of yesterday’s post. Darn thing somehow got published and went into Google Reader purgatory, but it wasn’t edited or really ready for publishing. But I promise, a re-post and Lonsdale pictures are coming!]


  1. This is dangerous news about the Missoni knits! I like the Missoni stripe, but it’s so recognizable that it can’t but say “expensive”.. If I magically had some of that yardage I would be predictable and make something maxi and ’70s– a hooded maxi dress, maybe?

  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Not a fan of the Missoni stripes here. Although it probably has more to do with the colour combos I’ve usually seen… if they stuck with more tone-on-tone designs I’d probably be a little warmer. Although I have pattern-aversion issues, so even that might not do it. I think they remind me of a lot of not-very-attractive 70s afghans that kicked around my parents’ and relatives’ houses forever…

    I rarely see much I like in high-fashion collections, though ;). I’m really a lowbrow kinda girl, fashionwise… 😛

    • Amy says:

      What is it about patterns anyway? My husband loves them. I have brief flings and then go back to black. And nooo, you are so not lowbrow imo ;). I love how fashion is partly about fantasy and theater–and you’ve definitely got that spirit!

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