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Make a Foam Cup Bra

Learn how to make a bra with a foam cup lining!

In this 3-part tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a bra with a seamed foam lining. Many of these techniques can be used for adding foam to swimsuit cups, too!

The pattern I used for demonstration was a custom drafted pattern, but these techniques work for any full-band bra. (To read about the difference between full band and partial band bras, see my article on Bra Anatomy.)

Photo is of one of my sets–a foam-lined bra and the Ladyshorts.

Foam cup bra + Rosy Ladyshorts | Cloth Habit


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Lingerie Friday: The Foam Cup

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In this 3-part tutorial, learn to sew a foam cup bra. This method uses foam as a lining and it can be used in sewing any bra pattern.

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Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 3 | Cloth Habit

Making a Foam Cup Bra: Part 3

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How to Make Seam Tape for Bras (Video)

There are a number of ways to join and finish the seams in a foam cup bra: zig-zag stitch, triple zig-zag stitch, satin stitch, or a seam tape covering. My favorite method uses seam tape (which I used in the foam cup series).

Watch the video and read the full post here.