I Couldn’t Miss It

Spring is coming and going like a lightning bolt around my parts, partly due to a long drought that has carried on since the fall. It has been over two months since Austin has had any significant rain, and my wildflower patch started shriveling up almost as soon as it came into its beauty..

I’ve been busy still cutting and recutting pattern pieces for my jacket (I won’t go into an incident in which I spilled all the water from my steamer over half the pattern pieces–sigh), but I’m trying my hardest not to miss the brief appearances in the garden. This year, one of my antique roses, Ballerina, took off like gangbusters in the midst of all the shriveling, and I must’ve spent an hour trying to photograph its fluttering, almost weightless blooms.

This has nothing to do with fashion other than the fact that it is already “silk and bare skin” weather. D couldn’t resist taking photos of me taking photos in my favorite silk dress in my favorite shade of coral. I practically lived in this dress for the last two summers. (But trust me, normally I look much muddier in the garden.)


  1. Sherry says:

    Beautiful pic! There’s always something nice about photos of photographers…
    Lucky you having ‘silk and bare skin’ weather, here today it officially became ‘tights and no bare legs’ weather!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks! I love photos of photographers, too–you get to see the other side of the lens. I have some friends in NZ and it is always funny how we are “changing out shifts”. I end up talking gardening a lot because I can live vicariously when my garden is out of season.

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