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Tie-dye Sallie jumpsuit from Closet Case Files | Cloth Habit

Tie-Dye Sallie

Ahoy, and Happy July! The last couple months I have had a bit of an obsession with knits. I can’t stop sewing or wearing them. I love how easy they are to sew, to satisfy my maker itch while I work on bigger patternmaking projects and manage a home renovation. For the first time I’m …

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Tees Galore

Nearly every year around the holiday season I tend to take on some big creative project. I think this has to do with my introvertedness; for every extroverted activity I need about twice the amount of introverted time to recuperate. There was the year I spontaneously decided to sew a red cashmere cape a mere …

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Crazy Pants, Noah’s Ark Edition

Yesterday morning a student was bicycling down our street in a t-shirt and shorts and our concerned neighbor shouted after him, “Put some layers on! Aren’t you freezing?!” To which he yelled from his fast-moving bike, “Seriously? I’M FROM CONNECTICUT!” Well I’m from Michigan and it’s still crazy cold here in Austin, so don’t let …

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red knit dress | Cloth Habit

A Simple Red Dress

Hi guys! It’s been so long since I took a photo of myself that I feel really out of practice. Even in my front yard I felt a bit camera shy. But I made something! (That wasn’t lingerie.) Actually I sewed up four projects in a week, an all time record for me, and here’s …

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Blue Lace Lingerie | Cloth Habit

Still Life With Lingerie

I love coming up with unique ways of shooting my lingerie sets, probably as much as the sewing itself! Sometimes I shoot them on a lightbox (basically like shooting on top of one big light), sometimes in a window, or on my favorite throw. At times I still feel like a baby with a big …

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Denim Bustier | Cloth Habit

Wardrobe: Denim Bustier

Another day of taking photographs in the Texas wind! So this summer I actually came up with a sewing plan. I’ve never been that great at sticking to one as I prefer rabbit trails and new learning experiences over sticking hard with sewing goals. But the Wardrobe Architect series lit a fire in me! I …

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