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introducing the harriet bra pattern | Cloth Habit

Introducing the Harriet Bra Pattern

It’s here! I’m pleased to introduce you to Harriet, my newest bra pattern. You may have heard me whisper or squeak about this pattern in the last year or so. It’s been a lonnng time in the making! Two years ago I drafted my very first version in order to make a special set for …

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Introducing Watson Bra & Bikini

Today I’m thrilled to release my “baby” into the world, my new pattern Watson! Since the first time I made one of the bras for myself, I was a little bit addicted. How many fabrics could I make this in? At that time I was learning a lot about dyeing so I came up with …

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Coming Soon – Watson Bra & Bikini!

After months of hard work, my new pattern Watson is finally coming next week! Today I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak. My idea for the bra pattern began well over a year ago. I’d been inspired by longline soft bras and experimented with a few versions for myself. And I’ve got …

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