Lingerie Friday: The ‘Rosy Ladyshorts’ Pattern

I’m so excited I’m beside myself. My first lingerie pattern!

The Rosy Ladyshorts pattern–free to download here.

I really loved making this pattern and I foresee more in the future! But phew, even for a small pattern, there is so much work that goes into it from start to finish and I have loads of respect for those who make downloadable patterns and tutorials.

Underwear is a really fun and easy way to gain a bit of experience sewing lingerie and its sometimes delicate fabrics. I really wanted this, my first pattern, to be a beginner-friendly type of project, something to dive into to gain some confidence working with little seams, lace, elastic, etc. You could make about five of these in an afternoon!

The pattern only has text instructions but if you’ve made underwear or swimwear before, it’s fairly self-explanatory. I thought about a sew-along but I think it might be easier if I post a couple tutorials in the next week or so, with tips on fabrics and pattern adjustments, as well as a step-by-step of making these.

For today, let’s talk the very basics! First, I wanted to make this pattern as easy as possible to fit, so there are 8 sizes. I think that allows for more refined fitting than the usual 4-sizes-fits-all undies. For this pattern, you pick a size based on your hip. I’m right in between two sizes so I went with the smaller of the two sizes but I could probably just as easily go with the larger if I wanted a slightly looser fit.

To make these, you need:

  • 1 yard/meter lightweight stretch lace fabric (45-60″ wide)
  • 1″ (1.25cm) elastic lace trim
  • little piece of light cotton knit for the liner

I originally designed the pattern around lightweight stretch lace that stretches from 60-70% comfortably. But there are tons of possibilities for fabrics–rayon or cotton jersey, stretch mesh, or lingerie lycra. Really, whatever feels comfy! The main thing is that your fabric needs to be able to stretch 60% without making it taut. That eliminates most woven fabrics so I would definitely go with lace, jersey or mesh. If you know a lace or knit has spandex/lycra, chances are it’ll have a good enough stretch. But since all fabrics behave a little differently, test! Stretch lace is very open, soft and loose and so even when it stretches as much as a jersey it often doesn’t feel as tight–this is why I like the lace boyshorts so much! I’ll share in another post how to make some educated adjustments for different stretch fabrics.

That’s it for today, short and sweet! Let me know if you have any questions about fabrics, pattern printing, whatever!

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