Bra-making Sew Along

During this sew-along, we walked through the process of fitting and sewing a basic underwired bra pattern. We took our time so we could get to know the patterns and learn how to make design and pattern changes for style.

Please note: This sew-along ran in January 2013, so the Flickr group is now closed. All the tutorials and sew-along posts will still be here!

All the posts related to the sew-along are listed below. Scroll further down for a few FAQs.

schedule and introductory posts

week one: measuring and testing the pattern

week two: fitting & style changes

week three: sewing our bras

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Learn to make a bra in the Bra-making Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Learn to make a bra in the Bra-making Sew Along at Cloth Habit

Sew Along FAQ

Note: When shopping for underwires, buy more than one size! For insurance. See also: Fitting an Underwire.

Where can I buy lingerie supplies?
This prep post has some information on basic supplies and traditional bra-making fabrics. For more ideas, visit my Lingerie Resources page.

Where do I sign up or enroll? Do you have a website where I can join?
The sew-along was be posted as a series of tutorials over a period of three weeks. It’s finished now, but the posts will always be here for you to follow at your leisure!

What pattern should I use?
During this sew-along, we worked with patterns with a full frame (also known as a “full band” bra). Many of the steps here can apply to any bra pattern. No matter what pattern you try, bras require some time to fit and shape to your specific needs, so keep at it!

What kind of sewing experience do I need?
Making a bra requires some basic sewing experience, because you will be working with a lot of elastic and tiny, very curved seams. The great thing about making a bra is that it helps with your sewing accuracy and creativity in so many other areas!

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