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I’m Amy Chapman and I’m a lover of all things sewing and pattern-making. Cloth Habit is a home where I share personal projects, inspirations, and techniques for sewing.

white silk jacket

{This is one of my favorite handmade items!}

Since this Cloth Habit’s humble beginnings (as a way of participating in my first sew-along!), it has grown into a popular internet resource for bra making and lingerie sewing. Lingerie design has been a fascination of mine for many years, and after making my first bra I was hooked! In 2011 I released my first pattern, the (free) Rosy Ladyshorts, and recently I have turned my passion into teaching and launching and independent line of sewing patterns.

about Cloth Habit patterns

I aim to offer modern, stylish lingerie patterns with an attention to detail and professional, industry-style finishes and techniques. Sewing patterns that teach.


{From the top, a few of my lacy designs: bra, Rosy Ladyshorts, and bra}

about me

I live and work from home in Austin with my husband and my zoo of cats and border collies. I love animal rescue, what can I say… I have a masters degree in poetry and am fond of quoting Emily Dickinson and memorizing the Latin names for flowers.

I love getting emails from readers about bra-making or any kind of sewing, so feel free to shoot me an email if you have a burning question! (And for a few very frequently asked questions, visit this page.)

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