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Comment Guidelines

How Comment Subscriptions Work

At the bottom of every comment entry form, you have an opportunity to subscribe to the comments of that particular blog post.

Once subscribed, you’ll receive any replies and future comments to that post. You can simply read the comments or participate in the conversation, if you like! To participate, you can reply directly to the email.

When you reply:

  • your comment will be published on the blog
  • other subscribers to that post will receive your comment, too

Your email remains private and will not be published in either the blog or comment emails.

If at any time you want to unsubscribe, you can reply to a comment email with the word “unsubscribe”. That’s it.

Comment Policy

I really enjoy thoughtful discussion and commenting on my blog. Here are a few simple etiquette rules that most people follow, but just in case:

  1. Please don’t post using your business name or your blog name in the name field.I understand the desire to network, but unfortunately this often leads to irrelevant comments or bloggers/businesses only using comments for self-promotion. You can add your business or blog or Facebook page in the URL field, which will link your name to your business.
  2. Please use a real name (at least your first name, or a nickname). in the name field. At the very least comment with an email address that contains your real name (emails are not posted publicly). I just want something in there that identifies you as a real person.
  3. Please avoid linking to products or services that you offer unless they relate directly to a post’s topic.
  4. Comments with more than one link in the body of the comment will be moderated before posting. This is just a measure to make sure there aren’t a bunch of advertising links (it happens!).

Any comment that doesn’t follow these guidelines may be deleted or edited to remove advertising. Thank you for understanding and respecting comment subscribers, too.

♥ Amy