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Mmm, Pumpkin Pie

Hello my friends, how’ve you been? Methinks it’s time to dust off around here. I have so many things to share and don’t know where to start so I’m just going to wend my way into this post and see what happens. I took a long, somewhat unintentional, somewhat intentional, sabbath from all things internet …

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Favorites of 2013 | Cloth Habit

Goodbye 2013 & Looking Forward

Hello all and Happy New Year! I know, I am late but it’s still January right? This was actually a double rainbow but the rest disappeared in camera! This year Derek and I whisked away to a very special Christmas with some friends in Portugal. We’re fond of spending the holidays in Europe but this …

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Turkey So Good

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I wanted to say how thankful I am for such lovely readers, and for all your kind and beautiful sympathies on our loss. It’s been a tough ride but your comments meant so much to me. So many of you are fellow pet parents and understand… Thanksgiving is one of my favorite …

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Run Free

Gosh, the last two weeks have been full of highs and lows. I know I don’t write much about my personal life here but I want to tell you about our friend Freda. It seemed like just a month ago when I was taking pictures of our pets after making my kitty-puppy dress, and thinking …

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Are You a WordPress Blogger?

I’ve tried to avoid throwing up a random public service announcement, but it seems I have nowhere else to go. I’ve got to hit the streets (my blog) to solve this funny problem: WordPress peoples, I’m having trouble commenting on your blogs! I’ll craft a comment and it just disappears into the inter-ether. This has …

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Jersey Love and Cloth Habit 2.0

My sister and I saw Illegally Blonde in this theater. I am feelin the Jersey shore today. I have so many childhood memories of funnel cakes and salt-water taffy, of tacky jewelry and pinball machines. I’m from Michigan, but nearly every summer, my mother packed us kids up in the green station wagon and we …

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