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Sencha for a Small-er Bust

Finally, after a week or so of pattern tracing and cutting I started in on a few muslins over the weekend. (My multiple-pattern project is going great except–big except–I have little piles of patterns everywhere–which could make things get chaotic fast. I really need some hangers or clothespins because I don’t want to fold them …

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Mise en Place: For the Love of Pattern Proofing

A friend of mine is a white-board kind of gal and she convinced me I needed one to organize my weekly schedule. Unfortunately, it sat in my office looking all blank and sad and dusty until last week, when I decided to “diagram” my Mise en Place project into stages for each of the eight …

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Silk Tank Pattern in Need of Fitting Advice

Thanks to a little time alone at home, I’ve been able to get most of the patterns for my project traced, cut and prepped. I’m still waiting on the Sewaholic pattern, which is in the mail and will have to lag behind the others. There is just one pattern left that is causing me a …

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Mise en Place: the Patterns

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve created my own little summer challenge as an experiment in fun and efficiency: I’m basically working on several projects at once, but doing similar stages all at once so that I can concentrate on, learn and enjoy these tasks for longer periods of time. The patterns include …

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Mise en Place: a Project

Both my husband and I work at home, and pretty much make up our own schedule–which in the beginning was a beautiful and freeing thing. Little did I know how crucial it was to learn about myself and time management. We are both the sort who often come out on personality tests as extravagant starters, …

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