Lingerie Friday: How About a Bra-making Sew Along?

Amy’s edit: If you’re visiting this post for the first time, please note that there is a central Bramaking Sew-along page with updated links and information related to the sew-along.

For today’s Lingerie Friday, I’d like to kick off a New Year’s plan: A Bra-making Sew Along!

Who’d like to do one with me?

If I haven’t mentioned this before, sewing bras isn’t that complicated. After you’ve done one or two, you’ll start to get the hang of it. This is also something you can sew without pushing aside other creative projects; it takes up little room and can be easily put away.

And I think the most important part is getting a good fit, so I’d love it if you came away with a good-fitting pattern. Obviously, I’ve found bra-making incredibly rewarding and fun–that might sound like an infomercial but it’s true. Making pretty and well-fitted underneaths has affected how I feel about my “outerneaths”.

And for experienced bra-makers, I’d love to have you join as well. Especially when we get to the fitting stage, because we are all different shapes and I love to learn from others’ experiences.

Now as for times and dates, I’m aware that the holidays add extra pressure into the mix of things so I’d like to wait until it’s allll over. I’m thinking the beginning of January. That way no one gets project anxiety and we can take our time. Secondly, bra supplies take a bit of time to gather and I’d like to make sure everyone gets what they need! Even before we got to shopping, I’d need to talk sizing first.

What do y’all think? If I have enough interest, I’ll be back early next week with some practical brainstorming.

and p.s. The bra at the top is a sneaky peak at one of my recent projects. I’ve spent the last week finishing up several half-finished bras so that I can move on to (can you believe it?) sewing something other than lingerie.

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