Lingerie Friday: Bodysuits

Annnd she’s back with Lingerie Fridays, my little weekly dose of lingerie design, inspiration and sewing. As if the dosage hasn’t been full-strength around here! And clearly it’s going all around: y’all have seen Maddie’s adorable new free pattern, the Amerson Undies, right? I can see some very cheeky bloomers popping up around the sewing webs. (Yes, a terrible pun…)

This week I’ve been thinking lots about bodysuits. More and more lingerie designers are catching on to their revival and the modern interpretations are in very lightweight yet surprisingly sleeking materials. But I’m a bit curious how I’d fit one into my wardrobe. Mostly they conjure up my occasional fantasy that I’m a svelte and angular dancer in a Merce Cunningham production.


My interest in this style piqued last summer when I first spotted this Zimmermann “Corsetierre” swimsuit at Anthropologie. It’s a swimsuit, but clearly taking its queue from underthings.


{Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou, Mimi Holliday Pizazz, Huit Icone bodysuits}

What inspires me are the details–the waist definition, lace panels, keyhole backs and the effortless-looking fit designed to wrap the body. Sometimes I want a extra little shaping and smoothing. Am I just infected by the romanticism of their design? Your honest two cents: Do you own one? Would you wear them? With what?

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