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what to look for in sewing machine features for lingerie making | Cloth Habit

Reader Question: Sewing Machines for Lingerie

Hi Amy, I’m interested in sewing lingerie. Do you recommend a sewing machine or are their special features I should look for? Over the past year or so I’ve received many questions about how to choose a sewing machine for lingerie or bra making. Some of you feel your old machine is just not up …

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Choosing a New Serger

It’s that time of year in Austin. It’s getting hotter and hotter and all I want to wear are knits! So this month I’ve been sewing up a bunch of knit projects, and decided it was about time to upgrade my serger. Meet my new addition! I’ve been thinking about upgrading for awhile now. I …

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A Guide to Dress Forms

Let’s talk about one of sewing’s favorite subjects—dress forms! Over the last month I’ve been shopping for a new form, both by doing a bit of online “window shopping” and by asking questions of various dealers and makers. It’s been a fun process! The first time I went shopping for a dress form, circa 2002, …

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Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve | Cloth Habit

Guest Post: Make Your Own Bra Pressing Curve

I love making up sewing tools. There are times a tweezer works better than a bone folder, and a rubber hammer works better than an iron. I have a pencil that works great for spaghetti straps and probably do “wet finger” pressing on silk more times than I care to admit. It’s really fun and …

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Adventures in Cutting Mats

Over the last month I’ve been in a mood to upgrade and tend to my sewing tools. I acquired some new marking tools, sharpened my shears, cleaned and oiled my sewing machines, and biggest of all, DIY-ed a proper cutting height table from an old dining table top. That last one has been a life-saver! …

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Quick Fabric Prep with a Steamer

Although I’m a big presser in the process of sewing, I rarely press my actual clothes. (Confession: I wear rumpled buttondown shirts quite a bit.) My husband, on the other hand, loves pressing and especially loves spending time getting all his shirts and jackets ready the night before a big trip. He travels a lot, …

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Favorite Tools: Scissors I Couldn’t Live Without

In my younger sewing years, I hated cutting. All those chores from ironing a tissue pattern to laying out the fabric were the boring tasks I had to do before getting to the fun job of actual sewing, sitting down at the machine and stitching. Then something shifted over the last few years and, dare …

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Studio Visit | Cloth Habit

Spring Fever & Studio Visit

Hola! Where does March go? It often feels like such a river of activity. Some of you may know that our fair city turns into almost two cities during South by Southwest (in numbers of people, traffic jams, and restaurant openings). And it is always the same week as my man’s birthday, which also happens …

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Me & My Juki

I’ve been giving my sewing machine a pretty good workout the last week so I thought I’d introduce you! I know machines are personal things–whether it’s a brand or a vintage or whatever, the important thing is that you have to love sewing on it. And I really love sewing on mine! No machine is …

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Small Space Sewing

This week I slowly pulled out my cameras and sewing machine again, but I still need to find the right set-up. At the moment we are both out of workspace, which in our life also equals creative space. Up till a year ago, we both shared studio rooms in a coop and after that I …

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