Bramaking Sew-Along: It’s Official!

Update: If you’re visiting this post for the first time, please note that there is a central Bramaking Sew-along page with updated information related to the sew-along.

Wow! I’m so glad to hear you are interested in participating in a bra-making sew-along. That makes it official! I love how sew-alongs have encouraged me to make things that would’ve gone at snail-pace on my own, and I hope this is no different for you.

First things first: all sew-alongs need a badge, right?

Copy the code below to display on your blog:

If you want, you could link the badge to the posts or directly to my new Bramaking Sew-along page. All information related to the sew-along will be on this central page for easy linkage.

Now some questions and thoughts:

How do you all feel about starting January 7?

This would give us enough time to prep. For many of you, it will be easier and most cost-effective to order materials and patterns from the same resource, so there are a few topics I’d like to cover before we get to shopping:

  • Picking a Pattern
  • Finding Your Size, Q&A
  • Materials and Where to Buy

I know y’all might have questions about patterns and I’ll try to cover these in the next post. Sizing is also an important prep topic because unlike many other sewing patterns, bra patterns often divide up their sizes into different packages. I can post about these topics over the next two weeks, so that you can start gathering/ordering your supplies by December 10. I’ll also work on coming up with a posting schedule so you know what’s coming! For this sew-along I would like to spend at least a week on fitting and style alterations. The actual sewing takes no more than a couple of hours but I’m a big believer in working out patterns and fit first.

To get the most out of this, I’d like to have some way of sharing pictures, posting works in progress. Of course you can ask questions as we go right in the comments, but since we’ll be talking bras and breasts and what might feel like sensitive body issues, I want to make this as safe and open as possible for everyone. What do you think about a private forum on this blog? (If I started this, it might be fun to keep it open as a general bra-making forum where folks could join in and continue to share ideas and projects long after the sew-along is done!)

That’s it for now. Please give a shout if you have any questions along the way!

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