Frequently Asked Questions

Question about advertising?
At this time, I do not accept advertisements or sponsored posts. If you have a product that my readers would be interested in, you are welcome to email me about it and I may just try for myself!

Can you sew “X” for me? Can you make patterns or samples for me?
Unfortunately, I am not available for hire for freelance patternmaking, design or sewing services. (If you are a startup, I recommend networking at a trade show or a fashion business forum, but I don’t have any recommendations!)

Can you recommend a machine for sewing lingerie?
You don’t need a special machine to make lingerie. A simple home machine that has zig-zag stitches will do. Almost all home machines have zig-zag capability. I usually do not recommend specific machines because I don’t know that much about them!

Where do you buy your patterns/materials?
All over the planet! I’m a big fan of Etsy, Ebay and online shopping. For lingerie supplies, visit my Lingerie Resources page.

I always include details of where I buy materials at the bottom of every project post. If the details are not in there, I can’t remember where I bought it OR the shop has sold out. I can’t help you find it–sorry!

I can’t find a bra pattern in my size. Can you help?
I do get this question a lot and I understand how hard it is! Unfortunately, I don’t know all the size ranges that exist in patterns and can’t research them all for you. However, if your exact size doesn’t exist in any pattern, you may find a sister size.

I live in the sticks and can’t find anything here. Can you help?
You won’t usually find lingerie supplies at your local Joann’s or big box fabric store. I live in a big city and still have to shop online for most supplies. Lingerie sewing is a unique craft. You may have to search in smaller, niche shops catering to swim or lingerie materials. Sometimes I have to get creative, which is why I dye a lot of fabrics!

Where did you learn patternmaking?
A lot of books, a few patternmaking courses, but mostly practice, practice and more practice!

Can you recommend a patternmaking book?
I have many, but these are a few of my favorites:

Can you recommend a good book for bra making?
I recommend two for home sewing:

Can I buy the pattern you used for “x” bra?
Unless it’s in the shop, I don’t offer it for sale. For many of my personal projects I experiment with a design and draft it just for my personal use. It may become full-fledged pattern for sale in the future, so I’m listening to what you like!